Beers And Branding At Anthem Tap Room 11/9/17

Beers And Branding At Anthem Tap Room 11/9/17

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Beers And Branding (full hour Q/A)
serious marketing + casual conversation + cold beer
“Public Relations In The Digital Age”
Full hour of Q/A presentation with 3 expert panel

• Happy Hour Networking 5:30pm
• Roundtable Q/A Discussion with expert panel 6:00 –7:00pm

We’re back in the Anthem Brewing tap room. Your Beers And Branding ticket will get you a delicious Anthem beer. The Anthem Tap Room will be open before/during/after#BeersAndBranding for your enjoyment. Must be 21 with proper I.D. 

Our panel included host Kyle Golding and expert guest Bob Pritch Pritchard, APR and Tabbi Burwell, Communications Manager for the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau. Pritchard is a professor of Public relations at OU and oversees the Gaylord College’s student-run Lindsey + Asp Advertising and Public Relations Agency. Burwell is the 2017 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Oklahoma City Chapter Professional of the Year with more than 10 years in public relations and marketing experience.

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#BeersAndBranding on 11/9/17 presented by NakedCity OKC and Revolve Productions, sponsored by The Golding Group and Anthem Brewing.

Beers & Branding @ Capital City 8/2/17

Beers & Branding @ Capital City 8/2/17

B&B News, Events
Beers And Branding @ Capital City Barbershop: serious marketing + casual conversation + cold beer
Event is FREE, but space is limited so Register (to the right) to secure your spot (cancel if you can’t attend so someone else can)
• Happy Hour 6:30pm meet, greet and network
• Q/A Discussion with expert panel 7:00 –7:30pm
OKC’s most unconventional marketing and business discussion development speaking series changes the game once again. This special bonus Beers And Branding at Capital City Barbershop will focus on personal branding, lifestyle marketing and audience development.
Beers And Branding is an informal, high-level discussion with a focus on alternative tactics and digital tools best suited for modern audiences. Professionals informing professionals while enjoying a locally made adult beverage. Join us for an informative brand and audience building round-table hosted by Kyle Golding, Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group along with Jake Phelps, Owner and Barber at Capital City and Brady Smith of Old Blood Noise Endeavors plus special guest with branding tips and techniques.
We will challenge traditional ideas of marketing, providing new and interesting ideas and insights into strategy, tactics and measurement. The audience will very much be part of the conversation. Ask questions, get answers and add your thoughts to the mix. This is not “how we’ve always done it” advice. Grab a beer and let’s talk about business on a whole new level.
Kyle Golding is a strategist, business development consultant and dynamic public speaker, Golding has been the featured presenter for many top marketing, PR and advertising groups such as AMAPRSA, IABCOklahoma Arts CouncilIgnite OKCand AFP. Jake Phelps is not only the owner of Capital City Barbershop but a dad, guitar pedal nerd, and has mastered the art of singing with eyes closed. Brady Smith is Co-Owner of Old Blood Noise guitar pedals and stuff.
Beers & Branding @ Anthem Brewing 8/11/17

Beers & Branding @ Anthem Brewing 8/11/17

B&B News
Beers And Branding
serious marketing + casual conversation + cold beer
Happy Hour 5:30pm
Roundtable Q/A Discussion with expert panel 6:00 –7:00pm

We’re back in the Anthem Brewing Company tap room with delicious Anthem beer PLUS food from The Wedge Pizzeria provided by Oklahoma Employees Credit Union.

The expert panel included Kyle Golding, Chief Strategic Idealist for The Golding Group + Lori Ford, Community Development Specialist for Oklahoma Employees Credit Union + Heather Parsons, Owner of The Cargo Room mobile boutique.

Presented by Naked City OKC and Revolve Productions, sponsored by Oklahoma Employees Credit Union and Anthem Brewing.